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I have put out the 3  on 3 schedule so parents can start to look at the times and plan a bit.   I have not placed any players on teams as we are still actively taking registration.   I know some of you have certain dates that you will be away or have other commitments.  We have 4 teams per division so if there is a team and schedule that works better for you then please email me that team you would like to be placed on.
Based on current registration here is where we are at (march 17, 2018)
Novice Atom 100% full
Pee Wee 100 % full
Bantam 90 % full
Updated Schedule March 21, 2018 (note changes to pee wee division)
2018 Atom March 21 2018
Date Day of Week Rink Time Notes Teams
28-Mar wednsday memorial 415-515 nov/atom 2 vs 1
28-Mar wednsday memorial 530-630 pm nov/atom 4 vs 3
29-Mar Thursday Sandman 530-630 nov/atom 1 vs 4
04-Apr wednsday valleyview 4-5 pm nov/atom 2 vs 3
11-Apr wednsday valleyview 4-5 pm nov/atom 4 vs 2
15-Apr Sunday brock 615-715 pm nov/atom 3 vs 1
18-Apr wednsday valleyview 4-5pm nov/atom 2 vs 1
18-Apr wednsday valleyview 515-615 pm nov/atom 3 vs 4
23-Apr Monday brock 415-515 pm nov/atom 1 vs 2
24-Apr Tuesday brock 415-515 pm nov/atom 2 vs 3
25-Apr wednsday valleyview 4-5 pm nov/atom 4 vs 1
29-Apr Sunday brock 615-715 pm nov/atom 4 vs 3
01-May Tuesday brock 545-645 pm nov/atom 1 vs 3
01-May Tuesday brock 7-8pm nov/atom 2 vs 4
02-May wednsday brock 545-645pm nov/atom 1 vs 4
03-May Thursday brock 545-645 pm nov/atom 2 vs 3

2018 peewee March 21, 2018
Date Day of Week Rink Time Notes Teams
27-Mar Tuesday memorial 545-645 pm pee wee 1 vs 4
28-Mar Wednsday Memorial 8-9 pm peewee 2 vs 1
29-Mar Thursday Sandman 645-745 pm peewee 4 vs 3
03-Apr Tuesday valleyview 730-830 pee wee 2 vs 3
05-Apr Thursday valleyview 730-830 pm peewee 4 vs 2
10-Apr Tuesday valleyview 730-830 peewee 3 vs 1
12-Apr Thursday valleyview 730-830 pm pee wee 3 vs 4
15-Apr Sunday brock 730-830 pm peewee 1 vs 2
16-Apr monday valleyview 730-830 pm peewee 2 vs 4
19-Apr Thursday valleyview 730-830 peewee 4 vs 1
26-Apr Thursday valleyview 730-830 peewee 2 vs 3
29-Apr Sunday brock 730-830pm pee wee 1 vs 3
30-Apr Monday brock 6-7pm pee wee 4 vs 3
30-Apr Monday brock 715-815 pm pee wee 2 vs 1
03-May Thursday brock 7-8 pm pee wee 2 vs 3
03-May Thursday brock 815-915 pm pee wee 1 vs 4

2018 Bantam 3 on 3 March 21, 2018
Date Day of Week Rink Time Notes Teams
26-Mar Monday valleyview 730-830 pm bantam 4 vs 2
27-Mar Tuesday valleyview 730-830 bantam 1 vs 4
28-Mar wednsday Mac Oly 715-815 bantam 2 vs 1
28-Mar wednsday Mac Oly 830-930 bantam 4 vs 3
05-Apr Thursday brock 815-915pm bantam 2 vs 3
09-Apr Monday valleyview 730-830 bantam 3 vs 1
12-Apr Thursday brock 830-930 bantam 2 vs 4
17-Apr Tuesday valleyview 730-830 bantam 1 vs 2
23-Apr Monday valleyview 730-830 pm bantam 4 vs 1
30-Apr Monday brock 830-930pm bantam 2 vs 3
01-May Tuesday brock 815-915 bantam 3 vs 4
02-May wednsday brock 7-8 pm bantam 4 vs 3
02-May wednsday brock 815-915 pm bantam 2 vs 1
07-May Monday brock 7-8 pm bantam 1 vs 4
08-May Tuesday brock 7-8pm bantam 2 vs 3
10-May Thursday brock 7-8pm bantam 1 vs 3

updated team lists march 20 2018

Novice Atom 3 on 3
Team 1 Black Team 2 Blue
Liam Feeney Ben Ovington
Luca Always Mason Szatmari
Nate Lemire Gavan Lalli
Daxton Cookson Mayson Dale
nikia makowichuk Jackson Brady
Wynn Davy Linden Parkins
Layton Jackson Cruz M Symak
Logan Barter Yoonsung Chung
ryder jensen Mattias Holte
Griffin Reves Holden Ekman
Jaxon Williams Kohl Nordquist
Josh Valdal
Team 3 Green Team 4 Red
Canon Stone Tristin Footit
Gage stone Sydney Clare
Patton Stone Aiden Brugger
Axel Bodenham Rylan Kaarvik
Devon Worthington  Holden Gleason
Ethan Worthington Kathryn Benastick
Kellan Brown Jayden Redan
Robby Nyeste Lincoln Jousi-mcdonald
Tyson Cockel Kaylee Wang
Hudson Duhaime Ethan Colli
Kytinn Taylor-Gale
pee wee
Team 1 Black Team 2 Blue
Caleb VanWerkhoven Ryder Johnson
Oliver Stainton Carter Johnson
Jeremy yates Brennen Banford
Carter Murphy Bennett Kossey
Cruz Beland Aaron Zulinick
Jaimin Vedd Grayson Welch
Noah Henson Carter Birks
Carissa Price Tayo Jackson
Aidan Price  Tyson Marchment
Chase Hole Aidan Baker
Wyatt Winkle Jack Smith
JJ Wright
Team 3 Green Team 4 Red
Jake Currie Donnie Andriashyk
Tavian Feschuk Connor Szatmari
Carter Kivi Cameron Casorso
Akillease Bodenham Seth Holte
Landon Kaarvik Eric Baros
Kash Pooley Lucas Desabrais
Lukis Jules Harris Osborne
Jackson Dabrowski Kaiden Goddard
Garrett Worsfold Devon Kopan
Garritt Malkoske Calvin Walker
Wynn Davy Adam Lemire
Emmerson Higgins
Bantam Midget
Team 1 Black Team 2 Blue
Ty Kitamura Nathan Price
Kyle Woitas Aaron Price
Aiden Dumas Kieran Harrison
Damien Coates Will Hendricks
Manny Panghl Adam Whitehead
Spencer Thomas Kash Minion
Ty Jarman Quinn Plowe
Preston Laupitz Jack Anderson
Teghan Mullin Jorely Anderson
Mullin Tyson Benoit
Bryan Fraser
Team 3 Green Team 4 Red
Damon Foidart Peter Tulk
Brady Pawlchuck Chase Tulk
Bhavin Serown Brodie Patry
Cole Sutherland Noah Overwater
Alexzander Bodenham Jake Poulsen
Jacob Taylor Nick Hill
Tyson Aspeslet Riley Gray
Ryerson Palmer Grady Edgeland
Roman Wolynk Sheehan Tobler
Owen sutherland
Kieran Maloney


Welcome back to 3 on 3 for Spring 2018.   We are pleased to offer our very popular 3 on 3 league to player’s birth years 2011-2001.  League will include 8 games Full Ice with Referee and Score Keeper


Novice/Atom – Ages 2011-2008 – For 2011 Birth year we recommend strong skaters who may be looking to play development hockey

Atom/Pee Wee Ages 2007-2005

Bantam/midget – Ages 2004-2001

Kamloops Wolves Hockey offers the Only Full Ice Non-Stop Action Super Fast, incredibly fun and if you ask parents from last year. really exiting hockey to watch!  What we do is take a full rink and play a 3 on 3 Game plus goalie.  The rules are designed to have continuous play and the only time we stop is to do a penalty shot or to end a period or game.   This makes for lots of skating with lots of room for that special move you may not have tried before!  We are looking for 4 teams of up to 12 players per team including a goalie.

Dates: We will start our schedule End of March (March 26th )and will go to the first week in May.  Games will be played on Monday to Friday and will start between 430 pm to 9pm.  last year we played at Valleyview and Brock arena and that should be our locations this year as well.

Cost $225 includes 3 on 3 Jersey, 8 games with ref and scorekeeper

Division – we do not restrict players based on age we want to make a balance league so we will try and place each player in a division that makes to most sense based on play level.   There is no contact in any division.

Novice /Atom Division

First and Second Year Novice players moving into Atom and first year Atom Players going into their second year.   We will also consider stronger 2011 player’s who just want to work on there game a bit before novice.  This is a great way to learn the full ice game as we have offside rules and full rink play.

Atom/Pee Wee Division

Atom Players moving into Pee Wee next year and First Year Pee Wee players moving to second year.   Second year pee wee players may continue in Pee Wee division if they want to work on their game.

Bantam/ Midget Division

2nd year Pee Wee players moving into Bantam and 1st year bantams going into second year.   We also welcome 2nd year bantams and midget players too.  There is no body checking so we are happy to invite older hockey players still playing minor hockey.  Older Players are asked to be respectful and share the ice.  Any bench shortening will not be tolerated as we want to keep it fun for all.

Coaches and Helpers – we welcome parent helpers to help coach, opening gates, score keeping and time clock.   Please indicate if you can help in any way.

How to Register – Please contact the Program Director to request at spot.  Please let us know which Division you would like to be placed in.

Ken Ward
Kamloops Wolves Hockey

etransfer to ken@kamloopswolves.com (please send me your security answer)

Cheques Please make Cheques payable to Kamloops Wolves Hockey.

mailing address:

437 Mt Paul Center Way
Kamloops BC

Please sign up soon so we can hold a spot.  Last year we sold out so please get your registration in ASAP.

I have attached Registration Form, Insurance Waiver and Playing Rules

Share the Opportunity!  Please feel free to forward registration to others who may be interested.   We are open to Kamloops and Surrounding areas.

If you have questions, please email ken@kamloopswolves.com


Ken Ward
Kamloops Wolves Hockey Program
Program Director

3 on 3 Registration 2 page print out wolves  wolves 3 on 3 Registration 2018
3 on3 playing Rules 3 on 3 Rules